Startup from zero- how to build a successful business out of nothing


Everyone wants to create wealth and sustain it for as long as they wish, but In order to create something out of nothing, there are some pointers you need to keep in mind.  Here are some ways to go by it;

#1: Resell something

You don’t have the capital to start a business but there are a handful of things you can re-sell , if you look around very well. Reselling products that has already been made has become one of the growing and successful business habits in the world today. Think about some channels such as Drop shipping, Thrift stores, and garage sales, as your potential avenues to sell your products. Drop shipping is a reselling avenue where someone else can help you drop the product at a very reduce rate. Garage sales, antique shops and flea markets also offer a huge avenue to resell something and grow your business from there.

#2: Trade batter to get what you need

It can be extremely hard to start a business without any capital fund, even if you want to start a freelance writing business, you still have to pay for internet and or pay for web hosting if you are starting a blog or website. One way of getting supplies for your startup business is by trading what you have with what you don’t have.

#3: Choose a niche you are versatile in

You need to identify a niche for yourself, if you want a business you can start from zero. Many services or business such as dog walking and baby-sitting may not require capital set up but you need to convince potential clients that you are capable of taking care of their pets or kids. You need to ensure that you understand all it takes to be successful in your chosen business, and make sure you have any necessary license or certification, if necessary.

#4: Utilize the low cost advertisement services

Certain business advertising services cost around 5$ just to launch your business online. Websites such as Fiverr and Elance, for example will cost you that little just to put your products and services on the internet and start receiving customers immediately. You may also watch out for some coupon codes at special websites such as, if you want to save even more on selling items such as clothes and accessories.

#5: approach a friend or family

Assuming you still don’t have sufficient capital to start your business, you can solicit the help of a family member or friend for a small loan. Banks and some other financial lenders rarely offer individuals with no collateral, any form of business loans, and the interests payable on a bank loan can be too much for you. Chances are that you will find a family member ready to sponsor your business plan , especially if you have a strong business proposal.

Starting a business out of nothing is possible , if you follow the right channel, and you have a plan to execute alongside your main goals and objectives.


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