Pricing on add-ons for your tents during your special event tends to be regional. You are probably going to end up spending more than you can afford. You make sure you get pricing that includes the set up, the venue, and rental fees to name a few. Tentage Rental Singapore gets the tent delivered and set up a couple days ahead of time. The company intends this so that they have time to set up and decorate. So, what are the common add-ons you need and you can skip.


  • A Tent Color Other Than White


Majority of the people wants a white tent. Other tent colors are hard to find and can cost you a lot. That is the price you must pay to be original. An alternative to white is a clear-top tent. This kind of tent does not cost more. This will look awesome all lit up for an evening large, lively party. However, Tentage Rental Singapore recommends that you can skip this if you are having your party on a spring or summer day because it is better to party in a giant greenhouse.


  • Tent Liner


The tent liner is seen a lot in bridal magazines because of its elegance. This add-on looks like a floating parachute. Bridal magazines try to make this sound as essential as a best man and a marriage license. This is too fancy that you can skip. Instead of a tent liner, Tentage Rental Singapore will suggest a pole tent that looks perfectly nice without a liner. You can use lighting effects on a normal liner to get a similar look.


  • Tent Lighting


The lighting system comes in several flavors and varies depending on which tent company you go with. Tentage Rental Company will give you one option great for evening events. The stage lighting with color gels can be mounted to the framing structure of the tent. This looks really cool. If you are providing your own lighting for the event, the company will not be responsible in putting them up for you. Another hassle is you will have to get them yourself out of there before the company comes to take the tent down. So, if you just stick everything to the company, you do not have to worry about somebody knocking it over and look for someone to hire just to do all that hassle.


  • Generators


The power for your lights, fans and other electrical equipment will have no use unless you have an appropriately sized generator. Generators are extremely useful especially if the area you are in does not have any power source or inadequate source based on the equipment you are using. They come in many sizes and can be paired as well to share the electrical load. As a guide, if you are using low powered equipment such as lights, fans, you will require smaller generator equipment with high wattage such as vacuum cleaners, cooking equipment will require a larger generator for rental.


Tentage Rental Singapore has been in the tentage rental business for over 10 years. Their team of experts provides you the best suitable add-ons for your special event. They are well experienced in all occasions. They know that you have a tight budget to celebrate and most people do not need such luxurious add-ons. They do not want you to break your budget at the end of the day.


public transport is one of the most effective and affordable means of getting around in a foreign country. Granted you are familiar with the public transport system and have a considerable amount of time to understand the system.

Whether you are taking the bus, train or taxi. Each has its benefits and disadvantages. However, in this post, I will talk about the alternatives that you can use when overseas that will take the hassle out of your travel.

A good example of public transport

Traveling abroad can be a new experience every time despite having the same medium of transport. Every country’s transport system is unique in its way and has its different quirks and perks. For example, Japan’s public transport via the use of trains, public buses are very affordable compared to driving or hailing a taxi. Their transport infrastructure is so advanced that taking a public transport is literally quicker than driving in many situations. For example, their shinkansen can travel up to 300km/h. bringing you from city to city in mere hours while driving can take more than 5 hours including all the stops you have to take.

Example of inefficient public transport

Myanmar buses

On the other hand, places such as Myanmar or Vietnam has a pretty dismal public transport system. I remember when I was there, I had to resort to taking a taxi everywhere I went because the public transport myanmar was so unreliable. Buses and trains would come as and when they wanted and the hygiene conditions on these transport mediums were atrocious.

If you are traveling abroad, one option you can take to take out the hassle of queuing for a cab, figuring out the transport route of a bus or analyzing the train route is through an airport transfer. I would like to share my wonderful experience of using an airport transfer in Singapore.

Singapore’s Transport System

airport transfer

Singapore is akin to Japan in its transport system. It has one of the most elaborate train systems in the world. You can literally find a train station within 4km where ever you are in Singapore.  However, because Singapore has such a dense population, I’ve heard of many instances of overcrowding on their trains, especially during peak hours. On my many business trips to Singapore, I’ve gotten used to taking the train wherever I went. However, because on my recent trip I had to bring a few more luggage than usual. I decided to use this airport limousine service which I found online. While it was relatively more expensive than a taxi, they offered a meet and greet service which means the driver would meet you at the arrival hall. The kind driver also offered to help me load my belongings which I gladly accepted. The ride to my lodging was extremely comfortable. It was akin to a professional driver with years of training. Every turn, acceleration, and stop were extremely smooth. The driver was also attentive to my needs and offered some suggestions to the local questions I had about Singapore. Overall, I had a good experience using such a service and will definitely not hesitate the next time around.


You maybe are thinking of ways on how to save money and finally achieve your long-planned kitchen project. Why don’t you save on your utilities by using Utilities-Save (U-Save) Credits? Money is better spent for kitchen beautification than for gas or electricity bill, right? Well, your answer is most likely in the affirmative, so here are some of the benefits of using U-Save Credits to heighten your enthusiasm.

1.     Enjoy U-Save Rebates

You might think of switching to another electricity provider to improve unreliable service but, at the same time, worried about your U-Save Credits from your current electricity provider. Well, that’s not going to be an issue anymore as long as the supplier you are considering has a state license. Geneco, for example, is a Singapore electricity provider that does not only promise to offer you reliable, efficient, and affordable services but also guarantee that all eligible household owners will still continue to receive and enjoy U-Save rebates. Consumers are also entitled with the partial refund of their utility bills!

2.     Savor Continuous U-Save Rebate

Switching to another Singapore electricity provider does not really affect your U-Save. Here’s the thing: any credits disbursed to you will be used to make up for any outstanding balance with Singapore Power (SP) Services, such as water and gas, first, and then, the remaining shall be used for electricity with Geneco.


You need not worry when you switch because rest assured that you will still continue to experience and enjoy the same quality and safety of electricity supply. If you have requested for a meter change, you can expect that there will be a 30-minute downtime during the meter installation.

3.     Save More Money

Once you will choose Geneco as your provider, they give the partial refund of your utility bills. For this reason, you can save up more money! Obviously, your electricity and other bills are minimized. At the same time, you are able to set aside some amount of money from the rebates, making it encouraging to avail their services.

4.     Spend Your Money on Something Worthwhile

You would most likely want your home budget to go toward that awesome dream kitchen project of yours, right? That’s more worthwhile than gas and electricity bills. As you start switching to Geneco, you can already start and bring into completion your kitchen project or whatever house facelift projects you have in mind!


There are a few perks offered by Geneco for those who have availed U-Save Credits. Aside from the fact that consumers will continue to experience the same quality of service, the partial refund of the electricity, water, and gas bills is going to be a great help for those members who are planning to complete a certain house facelift project.

Many are fascinated and curious as to how leaders deftly dodge the power question or change the subject. You usually observe that people who truly have power deny it while others who don’t have it cannot stop talking about it. So, here is how do leaders utilize their power across different settings such as in groups, with individuals, and in organizations.

1.     The Offline Coaching Conversation

It is best to start the offline coaching conversation when you want to redirect someone’s actions or plans. You can do this in a one-on-one setting in a private venue to allow the team member to save face publicly with peers and for a learning dialogue to occur. They often start with a question, thought, or concern with a moderated tone using only a number of words needed to make the point. Silence is also allowed, if needed, to the team member to think and ask questions about what he or she is hearing.

Proximacy offers affordable and effective strategies for social media marketing across Singapore. They utilize the power of social media like never before. Their leaders are also highly trained with this kind of conversation to let the team member sense their support. They do coaching to improve the game, not criticizing to belittle or berate their employees. They do this well, especially early in the leadership, to be prepared in advance. They think deeply about what the feedback actually is.

2.     The Public Redirect

In group settings, there are moments wherein an employee still goes off-course despite a private coaching conversation or two. If this happens in Proximacy, their seasoned leader may start with a gentle signal like inquiring about stated facts, reframing the question, or asking the team member to suggest a more detailed explanation of what he or she might be thinking. Their goal is to master the art of the probing question as an unobtrusive way of individual and team correction.

3.     The Rebuke or Sideswipe

If a rebuke or sideswipe happens in Proximacy, their leader may cut off right away the speaker and publicly disagrees with what is being said. They may also challenge the speaker on his or her reasoning or logic unsettling the meeting and creating a more charged tone.  This power serves its purpose when the direction of a conversation or project needs to be reestablished or a bad behavior of an employee must be stopped.


It is essential to think about why power matters in organizations and what the motivation of a good leader is if he or she uses it. The best productive use of power is to drive the change needed in the organization, which means utilizing your power to let things happen that wouldn’t otherwise happen without you. You’ll see effective leaders bring out their edge only when things go off-course.

Your career transition is not going to be easy and will require some reinforcements. Not all are aware that around 80% of jobs are referred to as the hidden jobs market, wherein they aren’t posted online. So, here is how to find 80% of the jobs that are not seen on job boards.

1.     What is Veterati?

What if I told you now that you can use a digital platform designed specifically to accelerate your success in your career transition? It will definitely grab your attention. The only digital mentorship and career networking platform that is exclusive to transitioning service members, veterans, and military spouses is Veterati.

This platform is also used by a curtain supplier and maker, Estil Furnishing, which provides high-quality imported materials in a well-known curtain shop in Singapore. With the help of Veterati, the company can connect with the right people to find answers to the common queries related to entrepreneurship and education, especially employment.

2.     How Does It Work?

Using the company’s LinkedIn account, it only takes two minutes to sign up for the Veterati platform. Once signed up, you begin to preview those potential mentors and clients and book one-hour sessions with them in an instant without hassle. Those sessions can also be synced up to your calendar to ensure you’ll receive notifications like text messages before the scheduled session.

Estil Furnishing can automatically connect with business professionals in various companies and industries, as well as others with expertise in many areas of furnishings. All transactions happen through personal conversations using their company’s mobile phones. Veterati can help them prepare and network their furnishing business at the same time and get the job orders for crafting quality curtains moving.

3.     How Will It Help Me With My Job Search?

To take charge of your career transition and job search, this platform offers you the means to connect with people who voluntarily give their time to be your mentor. These mentors will surely help you figure things out to make your informed decisions and tap you into the hidden jobs market.

Estil Furnishing easily uses this platform to expand their social network too. They refer you to others they know who are looking for a candidate that fits their open position. They are also prepared for some hiring events and scheduled interviews. All you’ll need to do is to get your resume ready. When it is time for their scheduled sessions and interviews, the digital platform will call their phone and automatically connect them with their mentor and client at no cost.


Setting up early job alerts will not improve your chances because only 20% of jobs are posted online. It creates a maze of confusion and fierce competition with multitudes of candidates, who are already ahead of you now. But mentoring and networking will do. You can use this latest digital platform as a force multiplier to ensure you leverage this to your advantage.

If we allow ourselves be led only by the opinions of company leaders, we are at risk of ruling out the good options and instituting the bad course of action before we get to realize and examine the full potential impact. Alternatively, businesses must be making decisions based on data. So, here is how to use data to find out good ideas for your business.

1.     Insuring Against Mistakes, and Against Regret

To protect your current business like Korean plastic surgery clinics from well-meaning but incorrect opinions, your best way is to center your decisions on data. You really have to go down to the bottom level to get a complete picture. Just like what the Korean-based clinic Misooda did to find out what their data is really communicating.

Misooda admits how costly and time consuming it may be. But in the long term, they are always thankful when they’ve properly invested in data. When they looked back and recalled how they regretted the incorrect decisions they made, they now understand clearly that they could have prevented those with better information.

2.     Listening for Information is Everywhere

If you are listening for information is everywhere, you can look back at the data you have collected in the past before you drive forward. You need to listen and learn from everyone and everything all around you. You must have the foresight to think ahead of your company’s next moves like a chess game, and you can start collecting all the information as early as possible helping you make decisions about where to go next.

Even if Misooda started as a 5-person company, the data they collected became very handy when they grew to 50 people for making their business decisions now and in the future. The important pieces of data for expansion include chit chatting to people for product market fit, collecting data over time,  and understanding the pain-point you are solving for a particular geography.

3.     Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together

Misooda invests a significant amount of work into a centralized data platform providing all that data across existing systems that are not synced together. A big picture can be viewed for all queries and reporting dashboards. This can be dangerous to rely on, so using other tools to see what is happening with each user in each session is very important to see and capture the fundamental truth.


The best insurance to fight against regret and bad decisions for your business is centering your decisions based on data. When there is something going wrong, you can always look back and get explanations why your company made bad choices it did at the time. When everything is recorded and tracked, even the smallest data strategy, we can always make logical decisions.

In the past, traditional business is slow to adapt to the rising trends. But nowadays, it is becoming increasingly less and reacting faster to the popular trends in technology. Without further ado, here are the five latest technologies to integrate them into your business as your novel ways.

1.     Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) devices such as Microsoft HoloLens can be used in your business like forklift rental in Singapore to show off the designs of your forklifts and how they work extremely well with trucks and lorries. Collaboration can be done remotely too. The potential clients can see and learn new things in relation to the real world.

The products and information can be brought to life using the holographic computing devices. There is no need to cost more in order to create or launch the products since the potential clients are allowed to envision and work on with three-dimensional data. Your ideas for your business are better received if they are shown.

2.     Wireless Conference Rooms

To stream videos and presentations wirelessly across multiple conference rooms is possible using the Kramer line. Participants are allowed to take control and share a screen easily using its collaboration tools, no matter their location. The company’s employees are required to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to make sharing and collaborating easier for everyone involved in the wireless conference rooms.

3.     IoT in the Enterprise

The IoT (Internet of Things) empowers the people, not things. Manual data entry will no longer be a time-consuming task and necessary since IoT using connected sensors and cameras limits mistakes and frees up more time for the assigned employees. So, the employees will be far more productive wherever in the world they are located because of lesser time to enter and apply the data manually.

4.     3D Printing

In 3D Printing, a fast, easy way is created to build a prototype from nothing giving businesses a vast opportunity to try out new things with the freedom of making mistakes. A new generation of affordable printers is beneficial for large companies just as much as startups to buy and deploy these cutting-edge technologies at scale. This promotes increased innovation and reduction of manufacturing costs.

5.     Wearables

As an employer, you need to ensure that your workforce is having a healthy and active lifestyle. Supplying your employees with wearables or fitness trackers can be one of your standard devices they receive if they get employed. It won’t hurt much in the company’s budget since the price of these wearables is so low. It also adds to the employee’s mobility, accessibility, and freedom to work with real-time updates, regardless where they are located.


In fact, many businesses are already taking advantage of a broad range of the latest consumer-facing technologies to monitor how productive and efficient is the company and workforce. There are now bigger opportunities to bring teams together in discussing strategic moves and progress of the company. There is no need to bring out a lot of expenses to keep your business going and successful.

Singapore is known to be one of the most expensive countries in the world to live in. The things that contribute this are the cost of living. Prices of houses are known to exceed 1 million dollars and cars well over 100 thousand dollars. Contrast this to America where the houses in suburbs can cost 100 thousand and cars cost a mere 20 thousand. The government also imposes strict laws as well as government taxes and these too add to the overall cost of living.

Driving is one of the necessities for many people. It is a form of transport and livelihood for some people. However, the cost of learning how to drive in Singapore could cost you well over 1 thousand dollars. A single lesson alone from the driving schools can cost up to 100 dollars and the driving test alone will set you back about 300 dollars.

Cheap Driving Instructors in Singapore

One way you can mitigate this is by learning from private driving instructors. Cheap driving instructors in Singapore usually charge between 40 dollars per hour which is far from the cost of driving schools. In addition, Private driving instructors can offer you the flexibility of their schedule and you are assured to have the same instructor every single lesson. In contrast, the schedule from schools are fixed and you have to book way in advance before you can secure a slot. In addition, you are not always assured the same instructor so it can be really difficult to track your progress.

One way you can find private instructors is within the vicinity of the driving schools, they are usually located around the area during their break times and their cars are usually fitted with a “L” plate. This denotes that they are driving instructors and they have a learner under the wheel.

How many lessons do i need in order to pass

The amount of lessons solely depends on how long you take to grasp the concept of each step. Most learners require about 15-20 hours of lesson before they are confident to take their traffic police test. However, if you do need more lessons, please do not hesitate to take up more lessons. Reason behind this is driving test cost about 200 dollars and failing a test can be quite costly in the long run. You will have to take more lessons after failing and worse of all, your confidence in driving will surely decrease.



Driving is a core skill that everyone should have and it is important to choose where you learn how to drive. While driving schools provide a systemic approach to learning how to drive, if you prefer an accelerated route, then perhaps private driving lessons are the way to go

The world is never protected against financial meltdown and the most recent one that occurred between 2005 and 2015 has shown us that we need to create alternative sources of income as there is a growing trend across the world , of people losing jobs. Here are some of the most important reasons you should quit your job and start your own business in 2016, or perhaps stick with your job and create a second stream of income.


#1 : Modern technology is taking over paper works

Many office cubicles are becoming empty and the middle class is being wiped out because advancements in technology is taking over most paper works. The demand for more output has forced many organizations to adopt more efficient technology that can provide higher output for higher profits. This is the main reason you should quit your job and start your business this year.

#2: Money is not always happiness

Studies have shown that increase in salaries create little or no improvement in personal happiness. The reason is simple, the more you make the more you spend. You don’t have to stay in your job  just for salary increase all the time, when you can make more and even save more on your own business.

#3: You need extra source of income

Even if you don’t want to quit your job, chances are that taxes and rising costs of living are not helping you to save money. One job is just one source of income, but starting your own job will give you the financial freedom you deserve.

#4: You hardly have time for yourself, family and friends

Many people force themselves to wake up in the morning and go to their regular 9 to 5 jobs because they don’t have any alternative. Most people are just too tired to visit friends and family members after a hectic work week. If you want more time, you need to have a job you are in complete control over.

#5: You may lose your job at any time

The harsh reality of going to work every day is that you may get used and dumped sooner than you think. If you don’t have a backup business, you may lose everything you have worked for, over the years.

#6: your business provides more flexibility

When you are in charge of your own business, you decide when to wake up and when to relax. You also decide how much you want to make constantly, your regular 9-5 job does not provide such benefits.

#7: No terrible bosses who make life miserable for staffs

Bosses don’t like junior staffs, they make life miserable for them by giving them too much work to handle at a time. This can trigger stressful conditions that may cause decline in your health. If you don’t want this kind of situation for the rest of life, you better start thinking of starting your own business.

#8: Build a massive wealth rapidly with your own business

When you build your business and watch it grow over the years, you expand your network and when the quality of your products and services are good, people will hire you . This will help you build massive wealth over the years.

#9: Leave a legacy with your own business

Your regular 9 to 5 gives you a little chance to leave a strong legacy but your children and grandchildren can inherit your business and that is a great legacy you will always be remembered for.

#10: You have many business options to choose from outside of your regular job

Whether your business is online based or not, there are demands for many services and products and you need to choose the one that you are really good with.


As an entrepreneur, certain toxic behaviours will not only harm your goals and objectives, they can drive committed business partners and clients away quickly. Here are some of the most toxic behaviours you must get rid if you want to become a successful entrepreneur.

#1: Taking criticism too personal

Many entrepreneurs often believe that negative things said to them by their clients are direct assault on them. The fact is that what people say to you is mostly about them and not you, therefore you must learn to take criticisms constructively. Take feedbacks constructively and work on them, in order to retain your clients’ loyalty and trust.

#2: Not taking criticism seriously

Oftentimes, young entrepreneurs take feedbacks or criticism with levity and that may cause them to lose clients gradually which in turn means losing income. When you don’t take feedbacks serious, you will not be referred by your immediate clients for future jobs.

#3: Not keeping up with deadlines

Though, missing deadlines occasionally, especially on completion of tasks may be tolerated by clients but when it becomes habitual, your clients will eventually lose interest in doing business with you, and this may cause you to lose jobs, referrals and income. It is very important that you give your clients reasonable deadlines when you can meet up with tasks completion, instead of trying to make excuses and fooling them.

#4: Cheating and cutting corners often

Just because you want to make more profit does not mean you have to cheat your customers often. When your customers discover that the quantities and qualities of your products and services are suddenly deteriorating, they will move somewhere else to do business, this will lead to loss of income and potential future clients. Always stay truthful to your clients no matter what.

#5: Bad customer services

Not responding to enquiries and complaints can be highly toxic to your business. Some customers get angry easily and they want your response and reassurances immediately, therefore, you must be ready to answer their queries at all times to avoid long term conflicts.

#6: lack of self-control

Though, self-control should be a personal issue but many potential clients do not see it in that way. It is easier to trust and do business with an entrepreneur who does not indulge in negative social practices that one who is involved in much anti-social behaviour. For instance, your clients don’t want to see you get drunk or involved in many fights socially. If you want to attract more clients and grow your network, you must learn the act of business etiquette and improve your self-control.

#7 improper communication skills

Small issues such as ability to remain names and addresses of clients can help you build trust and confidence in them but lack of adequate communication skills may mean that you are unserious and not ready to listen to their plights. Try as much as possible to return their phone calls, emails and other contact media if you want them to take you serious.