5 Latest Technologies to Integrate in Your Business

In the past, traditional business is slow to adapt to the rising trends. But nowadays, it is becoming increasingly less and reacting faster to the popular trends in technology. Without further ado, here are the five latest technologies to integrate them into your business as your novel ways.

1.     Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) devices such as Microsoft HoloLens can be used in your business like forklift rental in Singapore to show off the designs of your forklifts and how they work extremely well with trucks and lorries. Collaboration can be done remotely too. The potential clients can see and learn new things in relation to the real world.

The products and information can be brought to life using the holographic computing devices. There is no need to cost more in order to create or launch the products since the potential clients are allowed to envision and work on with three-dimensional data. Your ideas for your business are better received if they are shown.

2.     Wireless Conference Rooms

To stream videos and presentations wirelessly across multiple conference rooms is possible using the Kramer line. Participants are allowed to take control and share a screen easily using its collaboration tools, no matter their location. The company’s employees are required to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to make sharing and collaborating easier for everyone involved in the wireless conference rooms.

3.     IoT in the Enterprise

The IoT (Internet of Things) empowers the people, not things. Manual data entry will no longer be a time-consuming task and necessary since IoT using connected sensors and cameras limits mistakes and frees up more time for the assigned employees. So, the employees will be far more productive wherever in the world they are located because of lesser time to enter and apply the data manually.

4.     3D Printing

In 3D Printing, a fast, easy way is created to build a prototype from nothing giving businesses a vast opportunity to try out new things with the freedom of making mistakes. A new generation of affordable printers is beneficial for large companies just as much as startups to buy and deploy these cutting-edge technologies at scale. This promotes increased innovation and reduction of manufacturing costs.

5.     Wearables

As an employer, you need to ensure that your workforce is having a healthy and active lifestyle. Supplying your employees with wearables or fitness trackers can be one of your standard devices they receive if they get employed. It won’t hurt much in the company’s budget since the price of these wearables is so low. It also adds to the employee’s mobility, accessibility, and freedom to work with real-time updates, regardless where they are located.


In fact, many businesses are already taking advantage of a broad range of the latest consumer-facing technologies to monitor how productive and efficient is the company and workforce. There are now bigger opportunities to bring teams together in discussing strategic moves and progress of the company. There is no need to bring out a lot of expenses to keep your business going and successful.

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