Using Airport Limousine Services


public transport is one of the most effective and affordable means of getting around in a foreign country. Granted you are familiar with the public transport system and have a considerable amount of time to understand the system.

Whether you are taking the bus, train or taxi. Each has its benefits and disadvantages. However, in this post, I will talk about the alternatives that you can use when overseas that will take the hassle out of your travel.

A good example of public transport

Traveling abroad can be a new experience every time despite having the same medium of transport. Every country’s transport system is unique in its way and has its different quirks and perks. For example, Japan’s public transport via the use of trains, public buses are very affordable compared to driving or hailing a taxi. Their transport infrastructure is so advanced that taking a public transport is literally quicker than driving in many situations. For example, their shinkansen can travel up to 300km/h. bringing you from city to city in mere hours while driving can take more than 5 hours including all the stops you have to take.

Example of inefficient public transport

Myanmar buses

On the other hand, places such as Myanmar or Vietnam has a pretty dismal public transport system. I remember when I was there, I had to resort to taking a taxi everywhere I went because the public transport myanmar was so unreliable. Buses and trains would come as and when they wanted and the hygiene conditions on these transport mediums were atrocious.

If you are traveling abroad, one option you can take to take out the hassle of queuing for a cab, figuring out the transport route of a bus or analyzing the train route is through an airport transfer. I would like to share my wonderful experience of using an airport transfer in Singapore.

Singapore’s Transport System

airport transfer

Singapore is akin to Japan in its transport system. It has one of the most elaborate train systems in the world. You can literally find a train station within 4km where ever you are in Singapore.  However, because Singapore has such a dense population, I’ve heard of many instances of overcrowding on their trains, especially during peak hours. On my many business trips to Singapore, I’ve gotten used to taking the train wherever I went. However, because on my recent trip I had to bring a few more luggage than usual. I decided to use this airport limousine service which I found online. While it was relatively more expensive than a taxi, they offered a meet and greet service which means the driver would meet you at the arrival hall. The kind driver also offered to help me load my belongings which I gladly accepted. The ride to my lodging was extremely comfortable. It was akin to a professional driver with years of training. Every turn, acceleration, and stop were extremely smooth. The driver was also attentive to my needs and offered some suggestions to the local questions I had about Singapore. Overall, I had a good experience using such a service and will definitely not hesitate the next time around.


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