What are the Benefits When Using U-Save Credits?

You maybe are thinking of ways on how to save money and finally achieve your long-planned kitchen project. Why don’t you save on your utilities by using Utilities-Save (U-Save) Credits? Money is better spent for kitchen beautification than for gas or electricity bill, right? Well, your answer is most likely in the affirmative, so here are some of the benefits of using U-Save Credits to heighten your enthusiasm.

1.     Enjoy U-Save Rebates

You might think of switching to another electricity provider to improve unreliable service but, at the same time, worried about your U-Save Credits from your current electricity provider. Well, that’s not going to be an issue anymore as long as the supplier you are considering has a state license. Geneco, for example, is a Singapore electricity provider that does not only promise to offer you reliable, efficient, and affordable services but also guarantee that all eligible household owners will still continue to receive and enjoy U-Save rebates. Consumers are also entitled with the partial refund of their utility bills!

2.     Savor Continuous U-Save Rebate

Switching to another Singapore electricity provider does not really affect your U-Save. Here’s the thing: any credits disbursed to you will be used to make up for any outstanding balance with Singapore Power (SP) Services, such as water and gas, first, and then, the remaining shall be used for electricity with Geneco.


You need not worry when you switch because rest assured that you will still continue to experience and enjoy the same quality and safety of electricity supply. If you have requested for a meter change, you can expect that there will be a 30-minute downtime during the meter installation.

3.     Save More Money

Once you will choose Geneco as your provider, they give the partial refund of your utility bills. For this reason, you can save up more money! Obviously, your electricity and other bills are minimized. At the same time, you are able to set aside some amount of money from the rebates, making it encouraging to avail their services.

4.     Spend Your Money on Something Worthwhile

You would most likely want your home budget to go toward that awesome dream kitchen project of yours, right? That’s more worthwhile than gas and electricity bills. As you start switching to Geneco, you can already start and bring into completion your kitchen project or whatever house facelift projects you have in mind!


There are a few perks offered by Geneco for those who have availed U-Save Credits. Aside from the fact that consumers will continue to experience the same quality of service, the partial refund of the electricity, water, and gas bills is going to be a great help for those members who are planning to complete a certain house facelift project.

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