Common Add-Ons For Tents: What You Need and What You Can Skip

Pricing on add-ons for your tents during your special event tends to be regional. You are probably going to end up spending more than you can afford. You make sure you get pricing that includes the set up, the venue, and rental fees to name a few. Tentage Rental Singapore gets the tent delivered and set up a couple days ahead of time. The company intends this so that they have time to set up and decorate. So, what are the common add-ons you need and you can skip.


  • A Tent Color Other Than White


Majority of the people wants a white tent. Other tent colors are hard to find and can cost you a lot. That is the price you must pay to be original. An alternative to white is a clear-top tent. This kind of tent does not cost more. This will look awesome all lit up for an evening large, lively party. However, Tentage Rental Singapore recommends that you can skip this if you are having your party on a spring or summer day because it is better to party in a giant greenhouse.


  • Tent Liner


The tent liner is seen a lot in bridal magazines because of its elegance. This add-on looks like a floating parachute. Bridal magazines try to make this sound as essential as a best man and a marriage license. This is too fancy that you can skip. Instead of a tent liner, Tentage Rental Singapore will suggest a pole tent that looks perfectly nice without a liner. You can use lighting effects on a normal liner to get a similar look.


  • Tent Lighting


The lighting system comes in several flavors and varies depending on which tent company you go with. Tentage Rental Company will give you one option great for evening events. The stage lighting with color gels can be mounted to the framing structure of the tent. This looks really cool. If you are providing your own lighting for the event, the company will not be responsible in putting them up for you. Another hassle is you will have to get them yourself out of there before the company comes to take the tent down. So, if you just stick everything to the company, you do not have to worry about somebody knocking it over and look for someone to hire just to do all that hassle.


  • Generators


The power for your lights, fans and other electrical equipment will have no use unless you have an appropriately sized generator. Generators are extremely useful especially if the area you are in does not have any power source or inadequate source based on the equipment you are using. They come in many sizes and can be paired as well to share the electrical load. As a guide, if you are using low powered equipment such as lights, fans, you will require smaller generator equipment with high wattage such as vacuum cleaners, cooking equipment will require a larger generator for rental.


Tentage Rental Singapore has been in the tentage rental business for over 10 years. Their team of experts provides you the best suitable add-ons for your special event. They are well experienced in all occasions. They know that you have a tight budget to celebrate and most people do not need such luxurious add-ons. They do not want you to break your budget at the end of the day.

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