How To Find 80% of Jobs Not Seen On Job Boards

Your career transition is not going to be easy and will require some reinforcements. Not all are aware that around 80% of jobs are referred to as the hidden jobs market, wherein they aren’t posted online. So, here is how to find 80% of the jobs that are not seen on job boards.

1.     What is Veterati?

What if I told you now that you can use a digital platform designed specifically to accelerate your success in your career transition? It will definitely grab your attention. The only digital mentorship and career networking platform that is exclusive to transitioning service members, veterans, and military spouses is Veterati.

This platform is also used by a curtain supplier and maker, Estil Furnishing, which provides high-quality imported materials in a well-known curtain shop in Singapore. With the help of Veterati, the company can connect with the right people to find answers to the common queries related to entrepreneurship and education, especially employment.

2.     How Does It Work?

Using the company’s LinkedIn account, it only takes two minutes to sign up for the Veterati platform. Once signed up, you begin to preview those potential mentors and clients and book one-hour sessions with them in an instant without hassle. Those sessions can also be synced up to your calendar to ensure you’ll receive notifications like text messages before the scheduled session.

Estil Furnishing can automatically connect with business professionals in various companies and industries, as well as others with expertise in many areas of furnishings. All transactions happen through personal conversations using their company’s mobile phones. Veterati can help them prepare and network their furnishing business at the same time and get the job orders for crafting quality curtains moving.

3.     How Will It Help Me With My Job Search?

To take charge of your career transition and job search, this platform offers you the means to connect with people who voluntarily give their time to be your mentor. These mentors will surely help you figure things out to make your informed decisions and tap you into the hidden jobs market.

Estil Furnishing easily uses this platform to expand their social network too. They refer you to others they know who are looking for a candidate that fits their open position. They are also prepared for some hiring events and scheduled interviews. All you’ll need to do is to get your resume ready. When it is time for their scheduled sessions and interviews, the digital platform will call their phone and automatically connect them with their mentor and client at no cost.


Setting up early job alerts will not improve your chances because only 20% of jobs are posted online. It creates a maze of confusion and fierce competition with multitudes of candidates, who are already ahead of you now. But mentoring and networking will do. You can use this latest digital platform as a force multiplier to ensure you leverage this to your advantage.

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