Cheap driving Instructors in Singapore

Singapore is known to be one of the most expensive countries in the world to live in. The things that contribute this are the cost of living. Prices of houses are known to exceed 1 million dollars and cars well over 100 thousand dollars. Contrast this to America where the houses in suburbs can cost 100 thousand and cars cost a mere 20 thousand. The government also imposes strict laws as well as government taxes and these too add to the overall cost of living.

Driving is one of the necessities for many people. It is a form of transport and livelihood for some people. However, the cost of learning how to drive in Singapore could cost you well over 1 thousand dollars. A single lesson alone from the driving schools can cost up to 100 dollars and the driving test alone will set you back about 300 dollars.

Cheap Driving Instructors in Singapore

One way you can mitigate this is by learning from private driving instructors. Cheap driving instructors in Singapore usually charge between 40 dollars per hour which is far from the cost of driving schools. In addition, Private driving instructors can offer you the flexibility of their schedule and you are assured to have the same instructor every single lesson. In contrast, the schedule from schools are fixed and you have to book way in advance before you can secure a slot. In addition, you are not always assured the same instructor so it can be really difficult to track your progress.

One way you can find private instructors is within the vicinity of the driving schools, they are usually located around the area during their break times and their cars are usually fitted with a “L” plate. This denotes that they are driving instructors and they have a learner under the wheel.

How many lessons do i need in order to pass

The amount of lessons solely depends on how long you take to grasp the concept of each step. Most learners require about 15-20 hours of lesson before they are confident to take their traffic police test. However, if you do need more lessons, please do not hesitate to take up more lessons. Reason behind this is driving test cost about 200 dollars and failing a test can be quite costly in the long run. You will have to take more lessons after failing and worse of all, your confidence in driving will surely decrease.



Driving is a core skill that everyone should have and it is important to choose where you learn how to drive. While driving schools provide a systemic approach to learning how to drive, if you prefer an accelerated route, then perhaps private driving lessons are the way to go

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