Toxic business and personal behaviour that can push people away from your business

As an entrepreneur, certain toxic behaviours will not only harm your goals and objectives, they can drive committed business partners and clients away quickly. Here are some of the most toxic behaviours you must get rid if you want to become a successful entrepreneur.

#1: Taking criticism too personal

Many entrepreneurs often believe that negative things said to them by their clients are direct assault on them. The fact is that what people say to you is mostly about them and not you, therefore you must learn to take criticisms constructively. Take feedbacks constructively and work on them, in order to retain your clients’ loyalty and trust.

#2: Not taking criticism seriously

Oftentimes, young entrepreneurs take feedbacks or criticism with levity and that may cause them to lose clients gradually which in turn means losing income. When you don’t take feedbacks serious, you will not be referred by your immediate clients for future jobs.

#3: Not keeping up with deadlines

Though, missing deadlines occasionally, especially on completion of tasks may be tolerated by clients but when it becomes habitual, your clients will eventually lose interest in doing business with you, and this may cause you to lose jobs, referrals and income. It is very important that you give your clients reasonable deadlines when you can meet up with tasks completion, instead of trying to make excuses and fooling them.

#4: Cheating and cutting corners often

Just because you want to make more profit does not mean you have to cheat your customers often. When your customers discover that the quantities and qualities of your products and services are suddenly deteriorating, they will move somewhere else to do business, this will lead to loss of income and potential future clients. Always stay truthful to your clients no matter what.

#5: Bad customer services

Not responding to enquiries and complaints can be highly toxic to your business. Some customers get angry easily and they want your response and reassurances immediately, therefore, you must be ready to answer their queries at all times to avoid long term conflicts.

#6: lack of self-control

Though, self-control should be a personal issue but many potential clients do not see it in that way. It is easier to trust and do business with an entrepreneur who does not indulge in negative social practices that one who is involved in much anti-social behaviour. For instance, your clients don’t want to see you get drunk or involved in many fights socially. If you want to attract more clients and grow your network, you must learn the act of business etiquette and improve your self-control.

#7 improper communication skills

Small issues such as ability to remain names and addresses of clients can help you build trust and confidence in them but lack of adequate communication skills may mean that you are unserious and not ready to listen to their plights. Try as much as possible to return their phone calls, emails and other contact media if you want them to take you serious.



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